Public Comment from Rosanne Boyette, 4/27/09

The on-going problems caused by inaccurate 911 addressing in Webster are a good example of the types of problems that can be prevented (saving tax payer dollars) by adequate comprehensive planning.

(1) Webster serves 4 school districts—bus routes and other transportation issues
(2) How many school districts are served by Clinton?
(3) Webster has a platted housing sub-division (La Farge Addition, registered & platted at the courthouse)—transportation issues of emergency services, bus routes, small businesses, traffic patterns, etc.
(4) How many housing sub-divisions does Clinton have?
(5) Webster has a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO)—transportation issues of truck routes, large equipment using town roads, increased traffic in & out of location for employees/goods/services, etc.
(6) Webster has an electrical generating facility operated by Dairyland Power—transportation issues, town services, emergency services, traffic patterns, etc.
(7) Does Clinton have any electrical generating sites?
(8) How many CAFOs does Clinton have?
(9) Webster has several “historic sites”—cemeteries (one that is known to have the burial sites of Native Americans), town hall building, original school buildings converted to other uses but on the original sites, etc.
(10) How many historic sites has Clinton identified?
(11) Webster has a private golf course—transportation issues of town services, traffic patterns, emergency services, etc. (Possible use of alcoholic beverages on premises)
(12) Does Clinton have any golf courses?
(13) Webster has multiple small businesses that rent our cabins/cottages to the public and generate tax revenue
(14) How many similar businesses have been identified in Clinton?
(15) Webster has several mobile home parks (state definition a property with two or more mobile homes)—transportation issues for traffic patterns, town services, emergency services, property taxes received by the town, etc
(16) How many mobile home parks does Clinton have?
(17) Webster has a private campground with meeting facilities, etc.—transportation issues of traffic patterns, emergency services, tax revenue, etc.
(18) Does Clinton have any campgrounds?
(19) Webster issues liquor licenses for specific business activities—transportation issues of increased traffic, town services, emergency services, etc.
(20) Does Clinton issue liquor licenses?
(21) Clinton is $500,000 in debt due to transportation infrastructure issues & other causes
(22) Webster does not have this level of debt at this time

These questions/topics apply to Comprehensive Planning elements: housing; transportation; inter-governmental cooperation; utilities/services; cultural/natural resources/ag; land use; economic development


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  1. Sry for writing offtopic but which wordpress template do you use? It’s looking cool.

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