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  1. I think that the agenda looks good for May 11. I will post this tentative one at Wild Rose (inside–they are working on a board for outside by the pop machine) and will change it if we change the agenda. Thanks.

  2. I read from Pauls assessment there is no change to the comp plan requirements which I feel is just given the fact that we’ve had ten years to comply and that many municiplalities have done so. The idea that the deadline would be extended or done away with altogether has been prevelant throughout the history of the statue and its intent. Why is it so difficult for communities to see that looking for potential problems and dealing with issues is efficient. Waiting for the fire to break out and then trying to create a fire department is simply an indication that factors in the community fear they will no longer be able to hold total control of a situation that benefits them and only them at the expense of the remainder of the community.

    • could you be a little more specific about what you are referring to as far as situations that benefit only a few at the expense of the community? Thank you.

      • Ellen~
        Are you referring to the belief that “Planning must be generic and beneficial to all (not limited to those with a particular set of beliefs”? That didn’t say “at the expense of the community”–but your question provoked me to change it, dropping the business about “not limited to those with a particular set of beliefs.” I guess in that I had been thinking of situations–like in Israel, for example, where an Christian plan might disadvantage Arabs (or vice versa), but beliefs don’t seem to be an issue here, so “beneficial to all” seems to cover it fine. Thanks for helping me clarify my thought.
        P.S. Actually, beliefs ARE an issue (but not the way I stated it). For example, if people believe they can do anything they want on their property, that’s a problem if they start polluting everyone else’s water and air.

  3. Here are the responses from Paul Bader and Daniel Arnold about the question of whether there has been an extension of the deadline for completion of the plan:

    The info that we got from the state reps at the Towns Association meeting last night is that there is no change to the original date for completion.
    At the WTA meeting on Thursday it was asked and answered by Nierson that there is a bill languishing to extend. There is a mention of the bill in the last WTA newsletter which I don’t have but Skip does.
    It would seem to me that the deadline of this year is the deadline.

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