Previous Projects & Awards

2009  The directions for 2009 were to interview someone who had held an elected or appointed position in the Town of Webster, either Board Member or Election Official, and write an essay focused on his or her experiences in town government.

Jennifer Parker was the winner of the 2009 Citizenship Award, with an essay about Jean Beck, who served as Webster Town Treasurer from 1994 to 2002.
2010   The question for 2010 was the same as the question for the Wisconsin Town Association Award (although worded slightly different): “How can towns and villages cooperate with each other and other units of government to improve service to their citizens in the 21st century?”
Unfortunately, there were no entries for the 2010 contest.


2011  The project for 2011 was again an essay contest, open to high school seniors; the question was  “What makes the Town of Webster a good place to live, and how can we sustain what we value here?”   

The winner in 2011 was Kate Sebion.

2012  The winner of the 2012 Town of Webster Citizenship award was the Kickapoo Homeschool Cooperative. The four students—Jae Arnold, Cole Nordskog, Ceci Spann, and Myra Thimmesch—created an oral history project by interviewing retired farmer and lifelong Webster township resident, Ruth Clark. To learn more about how people lived in the Kickapoo Valley (and particularly in the Town of Webster) before the Internet—before even the telephone and electricity, the kids asked Ruth many questions about her childhood. They were particularly interested in her memories of the one-room schoolhouse and daily life on the family farm where she still lives today.

You may listen to their broadcast by clicking here.  You’ll be taken to another page where you should click on “RuthClark_final.”   If the audio stops, hit the “Pause” button and allow time for the file to download.  Please  leave a comment!

2013 – 2015  No awards were given in these years, although a La Farge high school class would have won in 2014 if the teacher had not left the area before the final phase of the project was completed.



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