Welcome to the Webster Citizens’ Forum

a photo of the town hall
This is a forum where the citizens of the Town of Webster, in Vernon County, Wisconsin, can exchange ideas and information. Anyone may comment, but only signed comments will be considered for posting. Constructive comments, criticism, insights on town issues are encouraged. Personal attacks or vendettas will not be posted.
If you want to be a contributor (which would allow you to initiate topics, post photos, etc.), post a request in the “Comment” section below, giving your name and e-mail address, and you will be added to the contributors.
Anyone can add responses/comments to any page, but to be a contributor, you will need to create a WordPress account.
If you want more information about the Webster Town Board and elected officials, please follow the link in the column to the right to be taken to the Webster Town website. Other useful links are also in that column.

Map showing Vernon County in Southwest Wisconsin

Vernon County in Southwest Wisconsin

Map showing Webster Town in Vernon county

Webster in Vernon


One Response

  1. Hi: Webster Electors are being asked to consider adopting a resolution which increase the Webster tax levy for the past year by 35 percent. At a recent meeting of the board, the explanation for this proposedf increase was that costs had risen for fuel and roads, primarily. Road repair is the main increase.

    I heard a great discussion of just such problems on Minnesota Public Radio. It can be heard or read at this link: http://minnesota.publicradio.org/, then search for road construction. The story discusses issues and options and will leave the reader better prepared to consider Webster’s resolution.

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